It is 1900.

Ten years after The Great Reveal and five years after mysterious weapons seemed to fall from the stars, the races of myth and mankind stand on the dawn of a new age. While the imperial powers continue to gather in Europe amid colonial aspirations, the real struggle for power is waged in a silent war between two factions – the mysterious 'Society' dedicated to preserving mankind's freedom and destiny, and the villanous 'Circle', which stands to control mankind from the shadows.

It is the dawn of a new century.



Gaslights and Grimoires (G&G) is an alternate history RPG which deals with the rise of magic and steam-powered technology during the late 19th and early 20th century. As the world powers are poised among the age of Imperialism, new powers and threats have arisen which fundamentally change the world.

Drawing upon inspiration from both books of the period and other source material, G&G is a game about characters from all walks of life who have been gathered together by the mysterious Society. The Society is a cabal of well-connected powers whose goal is to prevent darker powers from gaining a foothold in the new era. Opposed to The Society is the equally mysterious organization known only as The Circle. Representing a loose association of the worst criminals and creatures that have existed, the Society and the Circle both see the battle for mankind’s destiny occurring, with both sides hoping to affect said destiny for good or ill.



Gaslights and Grimoires

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